With over $3 billion in total assets going into 2022, Liberty Bankers Life offers financial solutions in the areas of retirement, health and life. Liberty Bankers Life is an affiliate entity of Liberty Bankers Insurance Group.

Liberty Bankers Life issues annuities and life insurance products in 47 states. In addition to these products, Liberty Bankers Life provides Medicare supplemental insurance and supplemental health coverage.

Fixed annuities are investments that offer many benefits to an investor. Contact a qualified investment advisor to see which type works best for your investment goals.

About Liberty Bankers Life

Pilgrim Life Insurance Company of America originally incorporated Liberty Bankers Life under the name Royal Oak Life Insurance Company in 1958.

The annuity provider has experienced steady growth over the years, now offering Medicare Supplement, critical illness and accident products.

This growth was accomplished through mergers and acquisitions with affiliates, including the following companies:

  • American Benefit Life
  • Winfield Life
  • Capitol Life
  • Continental Life

“We continually strive to deliver impeccable service and products, because there’s nothing more important to us than safeguarding our customers’ financial futures,” said Bradford A. Phillips, president and CEO of Liberty Bankers Insurance Group. “We ensure this commitment with a focus on investment diversification, a strategy that has more than tripled our portfolio in the last 10 years.”


Existing Liberty Bankers policyholders can reach out to the company through their support line:


Credit Ratings

AM Best, one of the leading credit agencies, most recently upgraded the credit ratings of Liberty Bankers Life Insurance and its subsidiaries in 2021.

The Financial Strength Rating and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Ratings were upgraded from B++ (Good) to A- (Excellent), according to an AM Best Information Services press release. An A- credit rating is the fourth highest out of 16 rating categories from AM Best.

Credit ratings are scores assigned by independent agencies to represent the financial stability of insurance companies. The higher the rating, the higher the likelihood that the company can cover future financial obligations.

“The ratings reflect Liberty Bankers Group’s balance sheet strength, which AM Best assesses as very strong, as well as its adequate operating performance, neutral business profile and appropriate enterprise risk management (ERM),” the press release said.

Liberty Bankers Insurance Group Financial Strength Rating

Credit Rating
AM Best A-

Annuities Offered by Liberty Bankers Life

Liberty Bankers Life offers three types of annuities: traditional fixed, single premium immediate and multi-year guaranteed annuities. Annuity rates vary by product, and availability may vary by state.

Traditional Fixed Annuities

Liberty Bankers Life issues traditional fixed annuities with a guaranteed interest rate. Under this category, consumers can choose between two products with different periods for penalty-free withdrawals. You can also choose whether to pay for your annuity all at once or in installments.

Traditional fixed annuity options include:

  • Liberty Choice
  • Liberty Select

Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)

Liberty Bankers Life’s SPIA products can provide regular income payments immediately after you pay the premium. You choose from four payment schedules: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Available SPIA products include:

  • 5 Year Term Certain
  • 10 Year Term Certain
  • Life Only Male 65

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGA)

MYGA products are fixed annuities with an interest rate that is guaranteed over a set timeframe. Annuity products in this category include:

  • Bankers 3
  • Bankers 5
  • Bankers 7
  • Bankers Elite 3
  • Bankers Elite 5
  • Bankers Elite 7
  • Bankers Elite 9
  • Bankers 5 Premier
  • Bankers 7 Premier
  • Bankers 5 Premier Plus

Lock In Fixed Annuity Rates as High as 6.4%

Connect with an annuity specialist.

Client Resources

Clients can access annuity and Medicare coverage tips through the Liberty Bankers Life resources webpage. The company’s website also features frequently asked questions with answers for annuity buyers.

The Liberty Bankers Life website offers helpful, downloadable forms for policyholders, including:

  • Service request forms for address changes
  • Annuity distribution forms
  • Life service forms for beneficiary changes
did you know?

If you have an annuity with Liberty Bankers Life, you can log into your account at:

Liberty Bankers Life’s Policyowner Login Page

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Last Modified: July 2, 2023
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