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    We’ve been answering consumers’ questions about financial topics since 2013.
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    We educate millions of people each year about annuities and personal finance.
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    We've helped more than 5,000 individuals and families find their path to financial freedom.
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Hear Directly From Our Financial Experts

Annuity.org’s curated panel of financial experts provides impartial, accurate information that educates and empowers readers and answers their most pressing financial questions. We hand-pick experts who combine a depth of professional knowledge and first-hand industry experience to help you make important financial decisions with confidence.

Professional Designations & Memberships

Annuity.org writers and expert contributors hold FINRA licenses, professional designations from The American College of Financial Services and memberships to trade associations, including the National Association for Fixed Annuities.

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Discover Financial Freedom on Your Terms

For nearly 10 years, Annuity.org has helped thousands of people find the cash they need today and prepare for secure futures tomorrow. Armed with takeaways from our financial experts’ decades of knowledge and first-hand experience, you can improve your personal finances and build a secure financial future now — and throughout retirement.

Reasons to Buy an Annuity

Buying Annuities

Guaranteed Income for as Long as You Need It

Annuities can generate a lifelong income stream, which means you can retire with confidence and security. Other benefits to owning an annuity include tax-deferred growth and protection against losing your initial investment. Annuity contracts are customizable. You can optimize your annuity to help with long-term care costs and you have the option to leave money to your beneficiaries.

Buy An Annuity

Reasons to Sell Your Annuity and Structured Settlement Payments

Selling Payments

Turn Your Payment Stream Into Cash

Life happens. Financial priorities change. You can sell the rights to future payments for cash right now. We connect you with our network of partners who can convert annuities, structured settlements, mortgage notes, business notes and life insurance into a lump sum of cash that enables you to take care of your immediate needs.

Sell Your Payments

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Take Charge of Your Financial Health

Create a better tomorrow by managing your finances today. Annuity.org empowers you to conquer your long-term financial goals through expert insights and thoroughly researched articles that help you understand the basics of personal finance.

Explore Personal Finance

Tools for Your Financial Future

Our suite of financial tools combines industry-standard formulas with expert knowledge and the latest trends in the economy. Whether you’re considering an annuity, saving in an investment account or planning for a secure and fulfilling retirement, our library of resources provides the information you need to help make informed decisions about your financial future.

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    Immediate Annuity Calculator
    See the estimated monthly income you could be guaranteed to receive with an annuity.
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    Life Expectancy Calculator
    Estimating your life expectancy is one of the most important yet challenging calculations in retirement planning. Learn more here.
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    Structured Settlement Calculator
    Find out how much your annuity or structured settlement payments are worth today.
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    Retirement Age Calculator
    If you’re aiming to retire early, or just want a better understanding of your retirement, start here.
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    Roth IRA Calculator
    Enter your data into our calculator to get an estimation for what your IRA will be worth at retirement.
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Annuity.org outreach coordinator Lauren Terfehr explains how Annuity.org is different.

Annuity.org: A Name You Can Trust

Annuity.org has been providing guidance and resources to improve our readers’ financial literacy and understanding of annuities and structured settlements for nearly a decade. Our mission is to educate people about their financial options and empower them to make informed decisions based on their unique needs.


The Gramercy Institute, the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, and Communications Concepts have recognized Annuity.org for excellence in financial services marketing and digital media writing. The professional organizations named Annuity.org as a winner of their esteemed awards competitions in the categories of insurance, web creativity and COVID-19 media – education & training.

  • The Annuity Puzzle article logo with the MarCom award
    The Annuity Puzzle
    MarCom Platinum Winner
    Find out why economists believe annuities are the key to financial security in retirement.
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  • The Annuities Explained .PDF with the Gramercy Institute award
    Annuities Explained
    Gramercy Institute FCMA Winner
    Let the experts guide you through basic annuity concepts in simple, everyday language.
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  • COVID-19 Finances Apex Award
    COVID-19 and Your Finances
    APEX Award Winner
    Learn about financial options and how to manage your money during the COVID-19 crisis.
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How We Make Money

Annuity.org is supported through partnerships with a carefully selected network of financial services companies. We are proud to partner with companies that share our mission of helping people find the right solutions for their needs.

While we may be compensated when you visit links for financial services or view other transparent advertisements on this website, all articles are written and fact-checked by an editorial team working independently of advertisers’ and partners’ specific interests or input.

Featured Content For You

Our free educational resources explore financial topics ranging from guaranteed retirement income to financial strategies for every stage of life.

What Our Readers Are Saying

Our editorial team uses your reviews, opinions and questions to shape our content. Our mission is to help you grow your financial literacy, and we use your feedback to constantly improve what you see on Annuity.org. When you leave a comment or ask a question, we value your opinion because it helps us make better decisions about what content is most useful for readers like you.

Qualified Annuity

An annuity contract purchased with pre-tax dollars, such as funds from an IRA or a 401(k) plan. The money you use to purchase a qualified annuity is subtracted from your annual income in the year you make the purchase. It is taxed only when you begin to receive the funds from the annuity, usually in retirement.

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