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Reasons To Buy an Annuity

Buying Annuities

Guaranteed Income for as Long as You Need It

Annuities are a great option for retirement planning. They provide a steady lifetime income and tax benefits while protecting your original investment. You can customize annuity contracts to fit your specific needs, like covering long-term care or leaving a legacy for your beneficiaries. Annuities can give you financial stability and peace of mind.

Selling Payments

Turn Your Payment Stream Into Cash

Need cash now? can help. Sell your future payments for a lump sum through our trusted partners. We specialize in annuities, settlements, life insurance, and business and mortgage notes. Get the cash you need for your pressing financial demands.

Reasons To Turn Your Payment Stream Into Cash
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Personal Finance

Take Charge of Your Financial Health

Take control of your financial future with’s expert insights and research-based articles. We empower you with the knowledge you need to achieve your financial goals. Learn from our award-winning editorial team and certified financial professionals.

Learn From Our Financial Experts

You can count on our team of certified financial experts and business professionals with extensive industry knowledge and experience. They provide impartial, reliable and helpful insights to educate you about your financial options.

Professional Designations & Memberships writers and expert contributors hold FINRA licenses, professional designations from The American College of Financial Services and memberships to trade associations, including the National Association for Fixed Annuities.

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Tools & Resources for Your Financial Future

At, we use industry-standard formulas, professional expertise and current economic trends to help you plan for your financial future. Whether you’re buying a house, funding your children’s education or preparing for retirement we’ve got tools and resources to help you.

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Annuities Explained Guide

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We value our readers’ feedback. It helps us improve our platform and what we write about. Our goal is to enhance your financial literacy, and we take pride in promptly addressing all inquiries and updating our information to fill any gaps you think we’ve missed. We look forward to your input. A Name
You Can Trust

For more than a decade, has been a trusted resource for information on annuities and structured settlements. We are dedicated to improving our readers’ financial literacy and empowering them to make informed decisions about their finances.

Wendy Swanson, Retirement Income Certified Professional™, explains what makes different from other companies.

Awards & Recognition’s financial services marketing and digital media writing have garnered recognition from esteemed professional organizations. The Gramercy Institute, the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, Communications Concepts and the dotCOMM awards have all bestowed honors upon for its insurance writing, web creativity and website writing.

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The Annuity Puzzle

MarCom Platinum Winner

Find out why economists believe annuities are the key to financial security in retirement.

The Annuities Explained .PDF with the Gramercy Institute award

Annuities Explained

MarCom Platinum Winner

Let the experts guide you through basic annuity concepts in simple, everyday language.

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Financial Literacy for First-Generation Americans & Immigrants

dotCOMM Awards Platinum Winner

Discover practical tips for first-gen Americans and immigrants to build a secure financial future.

The Companies We Work With and How We Make Money

At, we have a strict policy of only working with trusted financial services companies that are fully committed to helping people find the best solutions for their individual financial needs. 

We do receive compensation for featuring links to financial services or displaying transparent advertisements on our site. But’s editorial team maintains complete independence and ensures that all articles are meticulously researched, objectively written and fact-checked by experts — without any interference from our partners or advertisers.

Companies We Work With

Financial Advice For Real People, From Real People provides easy-to-understand resources to help people learn about and manage their finances. We feature real-life stories from readers about their financial experiences and offer the Podcast, where we discuss complex financial topics like annuities in simple terms. Plus, we offer free educational resources on a range of financial topics, such as guaranteed retirement income and strategies for different stages in life. News & Blog

Stay up to date with the latest news on annuity regulation, finance and retirement planning with Our team of experienced journalists and financial writers conducts in-depth research and interviews with financial experts to bring you accurate and pertinent information. 

Highlights from Our Glossary

Qualified Annuity

An alternative to a traditional cash donation, a charitable gift annuity is a type of annuity purchased on behalf of donors for the benefit of the donor. The donor receives payments until their passing, in which case the charity receives the remaining balance on the contract.