Success Stories

  • Dennis Shirshikov
    Dennis Shirshikov
    Economics Professor at CUNY Queens College
    Their Take: Focus on Side Hustles and Peer Support The average teacher salary in the United States is less than $30,000. This, coupled with other economic factors, makes successfully saving for retirement difficult. However, there are innovative solutions worth considering. Educator Dennis Shirshikov offers possibilities to help teachers overcome economic imbalances. Read Their Take
  • Austin Hair
    Austin Hair
    Real Estate Investor and Former Wakeboarder
    Their Take: Lean on the World You Know To Build Your Investments Professional wakeboarder Austin Hair didn’t have a lot of money and he didn’t have any experience in real estate. But he did know what his fellow wakeboarders were looking for in a home. Leveraging that knowledge, he made the leap into real estate investing. Read Their Take
  • Ron Thompson
    Ron Thompson
    Navigating the Annuity Maze: A Couple’s Path to Financial Certainty and Retirement Security
    Their Take: Careful Research Was the Secret of Mapping Our Path to Retirement Security Through Annuities Ron and Joan Thompson set out on a journey through the complex world of annuities. Their story shows how careful research and informed decisions can help anyone intimidated by the maze of options discover financial security and peace of mind for retirement. Read Their Take
  • Syble Solomon
    Syble Solomon
    Founder of LifeWise Strategies and Creator of Money Habitudes
    Their Take: Change Your Retirement Mindset for Success Syble Solomon is a powerhouse of a businesswoman. However, she didn’t always think her dream had a strong hand in building her retirement plan. Over the years, her money mindset changed as she realized the potential impact her business could have on her future. Read Their Take
  • Michael M.
    Michael M.
    Purchased a MYGA Annuity From
    Their Take: Annuities Make a Lot of Sense For Retirees Michael has experience in retirement planning from his time as an annuity and life insurance salesman. Now retired, Michael shares his insights on the best investment choices, leveraging his unique perspective as both a consumer and a seasoned sales professional. Read Their Take
  • Chuck Burton
    Chuck Burton
    Their Take: Don’t Plan on Retiring From a Job — Plan on Retiring to a Life You Love. Chuck Burton's retirement journey takes him from tennis courts in Mexico to disc golf courses in the Pacific Northwest. Read Their Take

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