It’s no secret that women struggle to be taken seriously as business owners. Unjust treatment and exclusionary mindsets often cause women to lack confidence in their abilities. According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, female participants found a lack of confidence in their careers to be a central obstruction to their career progression.

Syble Solomon is one of the women shifting her perspective and taking charge. As a result, her retirement plan is reaping the benefits.

When Solomon first created Money Habitudes, a game-like assessment that helps improve financial habits, she used to lack confidence in her business credibility.

“As a woman, I was raised during a time when you still believed that a man was always going to support you. And when I started my business, I sadly, subconsciously, really didn’t believe that I was an entrepreneur.”

“It wasn’t that I didn’t take it seriously or I didn’t care,” Solomon said. “But I didn’t associate myself with thinking that I really am a business owner and that I really am an entrepreneur.”

However, her doubt turned into empowerment when she realized the impact her successful business could have on her future.

The Interviewee

Syble Solomon Syble Solomon
Founder of LifeWise Strategies and Creator of Money Habitudes

Reshaping Your Money Mindset 

It was nearly a decade after Solomon started her business that she began to seriously consider the influence her business could have on her retirement

“A lot of the things that I should have thought about as a woman, I just wouldn’t,” Solomon said.

“It took probably more than 10 years before I took my business seriously and considered it as something that impacted our lives and could impact my retirement, which it did. I mean, I sold my business.” 

And that sale gave Solomon a nice nest egg to play with during her retirement years. Now, she rejoices in her success as a businesswoman and cheers on others.  

The Importance of Building a Liberating Network

Part of Solomon’s success is due to networking with other women and financial professionals. Having a community of fellow businesswomen can be the first step to reshaping your confidence.

“I think it’s important for women to have a network of professional women to help them see themselves as business people and to help them consider the money that’s coming in from their business and the long-term implications,” Solomon said. 

This isn’t to say all women lack confidence. Rather, everyone’s upbringing and career are likely to influence how seriously they take their business. 

“I think younger women or women working in a corporate setting are more likely to network. I think they’re in a much better position to take their business seriously.

“But it can be more difficult for businesswomen who weren’t raised that way, or for women who considered their business more of a hobby without thinking of the big implications,” Solomon said.

“I think it’s much more important for them to talk with more financial people and learn more about the long-term impacts of the money that’s coming in. As opposed to being more siloed and just doing their business and not taking it seriously.”

Editor Bianca Dagostino contributed to this article.

Thoughts and opinions expressed in these stories are strictly anecdotal and should not be taken as financial advice. Views of the interviewee do not necessarily reflect those of the author, editor or
Last Modified: February 28, 2024
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