The purpose of Annuity.org is to provide potential and current investors with information necessary to make informed decisions about annuities and related financial products. We seek to empower educated consumers to take action, if they choose, to purchase annuities or to sell part or all of their annuities. We follow the best journalism practices, including providing accurate and fair writing, following Associated Press style, quoting only “on-the-record” identifiable sources and reporting on factual information from reliable sources.


Annuity’s objective is to use plain, clear and understandable language to provide the most comprehensive source of information on this complex, highly customizable financial tool. It is crucial to provide clear and accurate information on annuities because financial decisions can dramatically affect consumers’ current and future wellbeing. Annuity wants informed readers to make educated choices based on well-researched, accurate and clearly written content.

Annuity's Audience

Annuity's audience includes, but is not limited to:
  • People who want to know more about annuities
  • People who want to read clearly written information about annuities
  • People who want comprehensive but unbiased information about annuities
  • People who are curious about annuities for retirement
  • People who are comparing annuities to other investment options
  • People who want to learn the pros and cons of all the various types of annuities
  • People who own annuities and are exploring ways to get money from them now
  • People who want to know the pros and cons of selling all or part of their annuities
  • People who own structured settlements
  • People who want to sell all or part of their structured settlements
  • Members of the media, researchers and experts

Annuity Topics, Our Partner

Annuity provides timely and accurate information about the purchase and sale of annuities. Annuities are flexible investment accounts sold by insurance companies.  Although annuities can be configured in a number of ways, the general goal of the account is to provide a steady stream of income during retirement. Annuity also covers “the secondary market” of annuity sales. This involves the sale of part or all of an annuity to a third party, such as Annuity’s business partner. CBC Settlement Funding is an annuity purchasing and pre-settlement funding company based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. CBC works with a variety of financial products, such as annuities, structured settlements, casino payouts and lottery winnings. Annuity covers those topics on this website as well. Readers may find visual elements on this website they can use to easily reach CBC Settlement Funding. An informed reader may decide to do business with CBC Settlement Funding or another company.

Outreach coordinator Lauren Terfehr explains Annuity.org's partnership with CBC Settlement Funding.

Editorial Control

CBC Settlement Funding is Annuity’s partner. But it does not dictate the content on Annuity. The site operates independently of the firm. Annuity does not accept money for advertising. Annuity largely maintains independence over editorial content. Writers and marketing team members work collaboratively to propose new content for Annuity. The website may consider story ideas from outside sources as long as it supports Annuity’s mission to educate consumers about purchasing and selling all or part of their annuities. Annuity is primarily interested in original, unique and actionable content that doesn’t single out a specific company for a financial service.

Tone and Engagement

We know you take your finances seriously. We do, too. Annuity writes with authority and clarity so you can make informed decisions about some of the most important choices of your lives. Our team pledges to provide clear writing and accurate information. We outline the pros and cons of annuity options. We invite you to provide feedback and ask questions. If we don’t know the answer, we will try to find it. It takes time and effort to learn about annuities. It’s our job to make annuities easy to understand. You’ll always get a straight answer from us. Our staff is trained to be supportive, helpful and compassionate. We may not have all the answers. But we’ll do our best to get them to you as soon as reasonably possible.

Annuity Content Guidelines

Annuity declares these three principles as crucial for responsible journalism.


Content on Annuity should be accurate and backed up by as many relevant facts as reasonably possible. Annuity writers should always strive to use facts arranged in a meaningful context to provide fair, reliable and clear reports for the public. Annuity articles are spellchecked, grammatically correct and typo-free.


Annuity writers are charged with providing accurate facts to consumers so they can make educated decisions with far-reaching implications. They must be fair with the facts, clearly outlining the pros and cons of various financial scenarios. Annuity content is organized in a logical manner with sufficient background and examples to provide meaningful context for the average reader.


The facts used on Annuity come from reliable sources. Those sources are clearly identified in the body of the content or in a source list at the bottom of the article. They may be in both locations. Links are often provided so readers can confirm for themselves that the sources are accurate and correctly interpreted by the writer. Links occasionally break because of actions outside of Annuity’s control. They will be fixed as soon as possible. Annuity uses these types of reputable sources: Select financial publications, noted academic organizations, credible nonprofits, official government reports, court records and interviews with qualified experts. Annuity clearly identifies all sources and experts, including providing their names and the names of their employer. It also provides relevant academic credentials and details about their experience.

Annuity Content Types

Annuity provides a variety of content to serve the interests of our readers.

Annuity Static Pages

These pages are the most common ones found on Annuity. They offer comprehensive coverage on a specific topic and are found within a larger structure consisting of other static pages. The structure offers a logical organization for the pages, making it easier for readers to find the information they want. For example, the page called Annuities offers broad coverage of that topic. Within that page, readers will find a link to a specific, related topic. Annuity taxation is one example.

Annuity Blog

Annuity offers a blog section that features timely pieces of interest to annuity buyers and sellers. We augment these pieces with background and analysis to make them even more relevant to our readers. We also include related links to other content on Annuity designed to help the reader dig deeper into the topic.

Annuity Guides

Annuity offers consumer-friendly guides on financial topics of interest to our readers. These guides are designed to supplement the content on Annuity with related information. They are housed in the Financial Literacy section. Readers are encouraged to print out or share the information to help them make important financial decisions. For example, the guide entitled Veterans Resources offers specific financial information for military veterans and their families.

Annuity glossary

Annuities are complex financial products. Learning the lingo isn’t easy. Annuity’s Commonly Used Terms page is designed to help you understand the annuity vocabulary that is used throughout the site. Scores of terms are defined using easy-to-grasp definitions.

Annuity Style Guidelines

Annuity generally follows guidelines established by the Associated Press for all content.

AP style

AP style, used in most U.S. newspapers, offers a host of rules covering everything from proper punctuation and capitalization to spelling and hyphenation tips. The goal is to improve readability through standardization of mass communication. Annuity uses a different format for the source listings located at the end of articles. Those follow a modified American Psychological Association format and include a hyperlink to the original source whenever possible.


Quotes from experts or anyone else featured on Annuity are the actual spoken words of the individual. Annuity does not make up quotes. Sources may opt to communicate in emails and in statements. Annuity will identify when quotes are provided in a written format. This will help the reader distinguish between written statements and verbal communication. In limited cases, Annuity may adjust spelling, punctuation, capitalization and abbreviations within quotations for consistency and clarity – but only with an editor’s approval. Such changes are not allowed if they substantially change the meaning of the quotation.

Anonymous Sources

Annuity realizes that transparency is crucial to our credibility. As a result, it has a strict prohibition on using anonymous sources. All sources must be fully identified with as much detail as possible to establish their credibly, experience and relevance to the content. Annuity writers are not allowed to go “off the record” or “on background” with sources. These terms are widely misunderstood and easily misconstrued. Annuity strives for as much clarity and transparency as possible.


Annuity has no tolerance for plagiarism. We do not take the work of others and claim it as our own. That is plagiarism. We respect copyright. That said, Annuity may use limited sections of others’ work to support or elaborate on a topic as long as the writer provides clear attribution. Attribution should include the name of the publication in the body of the text, possibly a link to the original publication and proper attribution in the sources section of the article located below the article. That is not plagiarism. Writers should limit the amount of directly quoted material from other sources to avoid the perception of plagiarism. They should also seek a variety of sources to ensure a diversity of viewpoints.


The Annuity editorial team fulfills the public trust and consumers’ expectations by creating content of the utmost integrity and quality. This builds credence and solid relationships with readers. We think the public should be served with integrity and respect. We take our role as a trusted source of information very seriously. We are grateful we are entrusted with researching, writing, editing and sharing information that is so important to the public: Personal finances. You deserve to get the best information possible. We do our best every day to make sure our content is the most comprehensive, most accurate, most engaging and most up-to-date as possible. Our goal is to provide all the information you need on this website so you don’t have to go searching across the untamed territory of the internet. You’ll stumble across a lot of gobbledygook. Even worse, you might come across unscrupulous sites offering unrealistic returns on your investments. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. We’re straight shooters. We have backgrounds in journalism and built our careers on cement-hard truth. We believe an educated electorate is the ultimate defender of democracy and freedom. Our content is free and readers are urged to share it with friends and family members. Our foundation of trust is built upon our reputable staff and independent contractors. We are accountable for all that we do.


Our writers are professional, experienced and practice the highest ethical standards. We identify the names of the writers of all pieces of content and provide contact information and a short biography. This is to make it easy for readers to provide feedback and for the authors to develop a vast network of sources, from potential investors to informed experts. Writers are encouraged to engage with readers and sources through our site’s feedback widget, social media, email, phone calls and personal interviews when possible. Writers are required to disclose the reputable sources they use for research at the bottom of every page. The main Annuity writer is Elaine Silvestrini, a veteran journalist from Florida and New Jersey. Silvestrini, a 25-year journalism veteran, is a member of the American Finance Association and the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education.


The managing editor of Annuity is a 25-year professional journalist who believes and practices the top guidelines for content and upholds the highest professional standards. Kevin Connolly’s essential responsibility is to ensure fairness and accuracy of all content on Annuity. He spent most of his career at the Orlando Sentinel, where he helped pioneer news coverage for the web as a breaking news editor. As a reporter, Kevin untangled complicated financial matters related to taxes, lawsuits and political campaigns. Kevin, who belongs to a number of journalism and other professional associations, is committed to making Annuity the best resource on the web for consumers. He takes accuracy and fairness very seriously. Kevin edits all content before it is published on Annuity. He checks for common mistakes, including spelling errors, grammatical issues and typo. He also reviews content for accuracy, organization and fairness. Content that doesn’t meet his high standards is returned to the writer for revisions. Annuity recognizes an ethical responsibility to correct all factual errors, mischaracterizations and ambiguities. If you find a possible inaccuracy, contact Kevin at kconnolly@annuity.org. Complaints about content on Annuity will be reviewed in a timely manner. The editor’s decision will be logical and fair and will be shared with all the key parties in a respectful and clear manner.

Expert reviewers

Annuity uses outside experts such as business and finance reporter, Juliette Fairley to review the accuracy of our content. These reviewers are industry leaders or long-time professional authors who regularly contribute to reputable publications such as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Expert reviewers hold advanced degrees, certifications and belong to professional organizations. They help us uphold our high standards. Expert reviewers fact-check our articles and suggest changes to make them better. They put their stamp of approval — including their names, photos and short bios — on articles they reviewed and approved.

Independent Contractors

Annuity may occasionally use independent contractors, primarily for writing assignments. These writers are experienced professionals. Their work goes through the same editing process as staff writers to ensure Annuity’s high standards for readability, accuracy, fairness and transparency. They also may be terminated for failing to meeting our high standards.


Annuity uses photographs provided by iStock, a stock photography provider, or images taken by staff members. Annuity may request permission to use photographs from other sources. The source of those images will be identified in text directly below the image if permission is granted. Annuity will not take photos from a person’s social media account or anyone’s website without permission.

Linking Policy

Outside organizations, individuals and nonprofits are encouraged to link to Annuity if they share our vision of providing accurate, timely and useful information to the public. Annuity may link out to credible sources of information, academic institutions, professional organizations and others if we determine they would help the public make informed decisions on annuities and other financial matters. We don’t link to competitor websites or sources offering dubious information.

Last Modified: March 26, 2020