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We are the premier informational resource on the Internet about annuities and structured settlements. Learn more about who we are, how we can help you – and how to obtain a free quote for your payments.

Annuity and structured settlement owners can use our website as an educational tool and vantage point for connecting with our partner and selling payments for cash.

Who We Are

Annuity.org provides everything you need to answer questions about owning and selling annuities and structured settlements, including a handy list of necessary documents and an easy-to-use calculator. We tell you how the funding process works and get you started selling payments right away by connecting you to our trusted partner, CBC Settlement Funding, LLC, a leader in the structured settlement buying industry.

Our partners provide the industry’s best price* for your payments. They offer cash advances if you need funds right away, advise you if a purchase of your payments is possible and give you an honest evaluation whether a sale is in your best interest.

About Annuity.org

Our Partners

CBC Settlement Funding

CBC Settlement Funding provides the financial services for Annuity.org. The 7-year-old company is based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and specializes in giving people access to money that would otherwise be locked away. It provides up-front money and consistently directs clients through the court system with speedy efficiency and quality service.

CBC assists clients with financial assets ranging from retirement annuities, casino and lottery winnings to personal injury settlements and other financial products. Its reputation for service is so strong that an overwhelming number of clients turn into repeat customers. CBC offers competitive prices and, in many cases, up-front cash to clients.

Between them, company founders William J. Skyrm, Esq., and James Goodman have more than 30 years of experience in the structured settlement industry. Their experience makes them intimately familiar with all the situations that arise around people and personal finances. Since opening in 2008, CBC has paid millions of dollars to thousands of people. Skyrm and Goodman believe strongly in the regulation of the secondary market, knowing that doing things the right way and providing excellent customer service always pays dividends.

Because of its commitment to customer service and the length of time it has in the industry, CBC earned an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau. That means the BBB determined CBC has a low volume of customer complaints and that when issues do arise, the company makes a good-faith effort to resolve them the right way.

CBC Settlement Funding

The CBC Team

Bill Skyrm, Co-Founder & CEO

Skrym is an attorney by trade with diverse experience in corporate, financial and regulatory issues. He served as vice president and associate general counsel for JG Wentworth and is a former board member for the National Association of Women Judges. He graduated from Villanova University and obtained his law degree from Widener University.

James Goodman, Co-Founder & President

Goodman co-founded CBC after leaving JG Wentworth as its director of sales. He has a degree in finance from Arizona State University and spent more than 14 years in senior management in the financial sector. He has vast experience in the secondary annuity market and a firm knowledge of the industry’s history and trends. His keen insights into costumer needs assist him today in his marketing and origination responsibilities at CBC.

Mike Aiello, Director of Sales Operations

Aiello is one of the most knowledgeable and dynamic leaders in the secondary annuity business. He runs the sales team and client service center at CBC and spends much of his time answering questions over the phone, through email and on live chats. Prior to coming to CBC, Aiello was sales manager at JG Wentworth for nearly four years. He has a degree in finance and marketing from Syracuse University.

Gary Grossett, Senior Account Executive

Grossett is a primary point of contact for many clients, often meeting them through live chats, email and phone calls and then walking them through the transfer process. Before joining CBC, he worked as an assistant manager at Five Below. He expanded his responsibilities at JG Wentworth, taking on the role of senior account executive. He holds a communications degree from Temple University and a Master’s in marketing from the University of Phoenix.

The Annuity.org Team

Catherine J. Byerly, Staff Writer

Catherine J. Byerly is the staff writer for Annuity.org. She has worked in communications for the past four years, handling everything from on-air public radio casts to writing for business news publications. She received a Political Science and Communications degree from the University of North Florida.

Lauren Terfehr, Outreach Specialist

Lauren Terfehr manages web campaigns connecting Annuity.org with the larger community of financial and educational resources on the Internet. Before that, Lauren connected guests to sunny Central Florida in the hospitality industry. She received a Business Administration and Marketing degree from the University of Central Florida.

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How We Help

If you receive periodic payments from a structured settlement or annuity and want to know how to access your cash, we can help. Annuity.org answers the questions you have, and CBC purchases your payments immediately and provides you with a lump-sum of money.

We hear from people from around the country every day that have questions about their long-term payment schedules and offer them free, on-the-spot free quotes for their payments. Whether you’re looking to buy a house, pay off debt, finance a college education or invest in a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity, Annuity.org can help you sort through the details. Our partners offer buyouts for lottery winners, those who receive settlement payments from lawsuits, owners of single-premium immediate annuities and more.

* If you provide us a legitimate written offer from a competitor, we will meet that price or beat it by $500.

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