What We Do

Annuity.org is a free, comprehensive web resource designed to answer all your questions about annuities and structured settlements as well as teach you the skills you need to confidently plan for your retirement, safeguard your family’s future or handle your parents’ estate.

Once you have gained the knowledge for smart money management, Annuity.org can connect you with one of our trusted partners to discuss options for buying an annuity or selling your annuity or structured settlement payments.

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Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Annuity.org is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has earned an A+ rating for our commitment to consumers and standards for ethical business practices.

Annuity.org is a BBB Accredited Financial Service in Orlando, FL

The BBB ranks businesses according to its own rigorous criteria for trust, which include honesty, transparency, responsiveness and integrity.

Annuity.org adheres to the BBB’s accreditation standards as well as to our own editorial guidelines while helping you make decisions that are right for your unique financial situation.

Our Partners

Annuity.org understands that your financial well-being is of the utmost importance and that your needs will change over time. You may need a lump-sum of cash now, but want to start planning for your future six months from now.

With this in mind, we have partnered with financial experts at Senior Market Sales, CBC Settlement Funding, and Fairfield Funding who really listen and offer you tailored solutions based on your long-term goals.

About Senior Market Sales

Senior Market Sales (SMS) has served independent insurance agents and their clients across all 50 states since 1982.

SMS offers health and wealth planning solutions, including annuities, Medicare supplement, life insurance and long-term care, for investors at any income level and stage of financial planning. With a team of professionals who specialize in retirement planning, SMS provides unparalleled agent support, training and compliance oversight in this highly regulated industry.

Senior Market Sales and Annuity.org

Annuity.org and Senior Market Sales share a common mission: to ensure that you are matched with the right agent for your unique financial objectives. When we connect you with a representative at SMS, he or she will put you in touch with the best financial advisor and annuity expert in their extensive network.

About CBC Settlement Funding

Founded in 2004, CBC Settlement Funding is an annuity purchasing and pre-settlement funding company based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. CBC purchases structured settlement and annuity payments, including payments from annuity contracts that fund casino payouts and lottery winnings.

CBC Settlement Funding logo

CBC is a reputable purchasing company that models many of the best practices we recommend you research when investigating companies. One of its most impressive accolades is an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB awards its highest rating only to companies that have a low volume of customer complaints and that make good-faith efforts to resolve customer issues when they do arise.

Why We Chose CBC

For us, choosing to partner with CBC Settlement Funding was easy. The company’s executives have more than 30 years of combined experience in the annuity industry. In the company’s young life, it has served thousands of clients and paid out millions of dollars, allowing annuitants to purchase homes, pay off debt or send children to college.

Their commitment to excellent customer service spans from guiding clients through the legal process of selling structured settlement payments, to meeting or beating another company’s written offer by $500.

When it comes to connecting you with a company that can purchase your annuity or structured settlement payments, our team at Annuity.org could not recommend CBC Settlement Funding more highly.

About Fairfield Funding

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Fairfield Funding specializes in purchasing annuities and structured settlements. With a BBB rating of A+ and five-star rating on Consumer Affairs, the direct-funding company has employed highly trained financial experts to ensure client satisfaction for more than a decade.

The team at Fairfield Funding takes pride in being one of the most trusted annuity purchasers in the industry. This distinction along with the team’s commitment to its customers’ financial future led to the Fairfield 100% Guarantee, which promises expedited transactions for the best price with fixed, no-interest cash advances in as few as five days.

Fairfield Funding is a member of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers.

Our Partnership with Fairfield Funding

We at Annuity.org realize how important it is to work with a purchasing company that has a proven track record of customer satisfaction based on integrity and responsibility to its clients.

After hearing what customers had to say about the ease and comfort of working with Fairfield Funding and learning more about the company’s philosophy and business practices, we knew that Annuity.org and Fairfield Funding were fundamentally aligned.

Not only do the financial experts at Fairfield Funding offer more than 25 years of industry experience, but they are motivated by their compassion for their customers and their drive to help them reach their goals.

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