How Much Is My Annuity Worth?

With a quick glance at your annuity contract, you can find the correct figures to plug into our calculator to receive a firm quote for your future payments. It’s important that you be exact about the numbers from your contract. Our calculator is specifically designed to evaluate the time, interest and long-term value of your investment.

Once you see your custom quote, you have saved time, and you’re that much closer to completing your sale. We stand behind the amount you get from our calculator, and we’re willing to offer it to you today. Understand though that selling a portion of your payments or changing any of the calculator terms changes your cash-out value. If your terms change after you use the calculator, please call to update us.

Factors for Calculating Annuity Buyout

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    When are you scheduled to receive payments? Payments expected in five years versus twenty years have a different value.
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    ​What’s the dollar amount of every payment? The size of each future payment impacts the overall sum you can walk away with.
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    ​​How often do you get payments? From monthly to annual installments, every annuity contract can be designed differently.
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Factors Not Considered with this Calculator

While this calculator can get the process of selling your structured settlement or annuity underway, certain annuity features may not be accounted for. Our calculator will provide a quote using a basic formula based on fixed variables. For more complex contract specifications, like added riders, a representative can speak with you about options.

Estimates using this calculator are not available for annuities with the following features:
  • Payments of varying amounts
  • Increasing payments
  • Payments that are not regular
  • Payments that include an interest rate adjustment
  • Payments that include a cost of living adjustment
  • Payments that end within the next five years

Our calculator may give you a number you don’t like. That’s OK. We may still be able to put together an offer. Email or call us to determine the amount available for your payments.