Why sell your payments?

Your annuity or structured settlement payments can unlock the money you need for important moments in your life.

"They enabled me to go from being deeply in debt with no way of resolving things to being free and clear and paid in full."
David Gaynes
David Gaynes Annuity.org Customer
  • Start your business
  • Pay off debt
  • Pay for college
  • Enjoy your retirement
  • Buy your dream house
  • Cover medical costs
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Guaranteed Highest Price

We offer you a guarantee that we will beat any valid offer by $500 and get you the cash you need. You won’t wait for the quote and you won’t find anything better. Annuities and structured settlements are resources that should not go to waste, and we place a high value on your payments. Our price guarantee ensures that you have access to the best possible value.

Don’t settle for a company that can’t provide for your needs. Walking away with cash from a competitive offer can be the key to handling your current and future financial demands.

How the Process Works

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    Get a Free Quote
    A quick phone conversation gets you a free, no-obligation quote that you can take time to evaluate.
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    Get Connected
    If our offer meets your needs, we’ll get started on getting you money. You may qualify for a cash advance of up to $1,000.
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    Collect Your Money
    We’ll help you get a court date so a judge can approve your sale or transfer. Then you cash your big check.
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Get Out of Debt

Oversized mortgages, sky-high credit card payments and hefty student loans are all too common in America.

The heavy burden of debt is a weight that’s tough to shake off. It can cause terrible consequences for you and your family down the road, but cash from selling your annuity payments might ease that load and help you get out of debt.

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Family Comes First

If you’re planning to start a family or want to help a family member in medical need, selling payments could offer some financial relief.

Medical events like having a baby, major procedures or long-term hospital stays could be expensive, but having money from selling your annuity payments might provide the peace of mind you need to help your family through a medical emergency.

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Start a Business

All companies need capital to get off the ground, grow and flourish, and your personal business is no exception.

Whether you’re a budding small-business entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, immediate access to cash helps nurture your company into a sustainable business ready to tackle some of the financial challenges it will face.

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Buy Your Dream Home

Use your money for a down payment on your home or to buy the perfect land to build the house of your dreams.

Purchasing a house is one of life’s biggest moments, and it often requires large sums of money to make it happen. Selling some or all of your structured settlement or annuity payments can put you on the path to homeownership.

Ready to Get Started?

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