During her career as a professional writer, Jennifer Schell has ghostwritten a variety of informational and marketing content for diverse industries from travel to tax accounting. Her current focus is on demistifying the annuity industry, and she is proud to be a member of the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA), a national trade association that promotes education and awareness of fixed annuities.

Jennifer earned her bachelor’s in English from the University of Central Florida, where she had the opportunity to present a research project at the Undergraduate Research Expo. While at UCF, Jennifer worked as a consultant for the University Writing Center, where she assisted students in writing for a wide range of subjects.

After graduating, Jennifer interned at a boutique content marketing agency based in Orlando, Florida. Upon completing her internship, she moved to another agency where she served as a content manager for two years, researching and directing content strategy and producing a range of deliverables for clients across many industries.

As a writer for, Jennifer applies the strong writing and research skills she has developed throughout her career. Her passion for learning and educating others is what guides her work to create engaging and informative pieces that help readers better understand complex financial topics.