Key Takeaways

  • Securian Life Insurance Company is the ninth-largest U.S. insurance company with $1.5 trillion of insurance in force.
  • The company offers a range of innovative annuity products and sells immediate, indexed, fixed and variable annuities.
  • Securian Financial is the parent company whose subsidiaries include Securian Life Insurance Company and Minnesota Life Insurance Company, among others.

About Securian Life Insurance Company

Securian Life Insurance Company was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1880. Originally the Bankers Association of Minnesota, it changed its name in 1901 to the Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company. The company rebranded as Securian Financial Group in 2001 to reflect its broader reach and wide range of products and services. 

Securian Financial Group is the parent company, and its subsidiaries include Securian Life Insurance Company (a New York authorized insurer), Minnesota Life Insurance Company and several other entities. 

With more than $1.5 trillion of life insurance in force, Securian Life is the ninth-largest life insurance company in the United States, serving more than 22 million customers in North America. In 2022, Securian Life generated $6.2 billion in revenue and paid out $3.9 billion in benefits.

The company’s strong financial position, leadership, customer service and community involvement have earned it superior ratings from several rating agencies. In May 2023, Forbes ranked the company as the ninth-best annuity company.  

Securian Life offers a broad range of annuity products, including immediate, indexed, fixed and variable annuities. 

Company Contact Information

Existing annuity customers of Securian Life can contact the company through their customer service line at 1-833-810-8260 or through their website.

Securian Life’s Credit Ratings

Securian Life has built a strong and stable reputation as an insurance provider with over 140 years of experience. With its vast expertise, sizable insurance portfolio and financial strength, the company maintains a solid long-standing reputation and a well-capitalized position.

It receives high marks from independent rating agencies that assess the financial health and claims-paying capability of insurance companies.

Credit Ratings

Credit Agency  Credit Rating 
AM Best A+ (Superior)
Fitch AA (Very Strong)
Moody’s Aa3 (Excellent)
S&P Global AA- (Very Strong)
Source: AM Best, Moody’s, Fitch and S&P Ratings

Annuity Products Offered by Securian Life Insurance

Securian Life offers a range of annuity products geared toward strengthening a retirement portfolio, which makes it an excellent choice for individuals considering buying an annuity. Securian Life annuities can bolster income from an employer retirement plan and can supplement an existing IRA.

The company offers immediate, indexed, fixed and variable annuities at competitive annuity rates. Each is tailored to address a specific financial need or aim, including the need to receive a consistent stream of guaranteed income throughout one’s lifetime.  

Immediate Annuities

Securian Life’s immediate annuity offers the dual benefit of immediate income while also generating a guaranteed income stream for life. This works by investing a lump sum that generates a payment structure that begins within a year after purchasing the annuity.

When selecting an annuity, you may choose from several income options. These options let you determine how you want to receive your payments – whether it’s for a set period, a lifetime or even for the lifetime of a loved one (also known as a survivor). Additionally, certain annuities also have a death benefit.

Immediate Annuities Offered by Securian Life Insurance Company:

Indexed Annuities

Securian Life’s fixed-indexed annuities provide an attractive opportunity to earn interest based upon the performance of indexes like the S&P 500 – all while mitigating down-market risk. This combination of growth and protection offers the potential to achieve higher interest rates compared to other fixed-interest products.

You have the flexibility to withdraw your money from the annuity contract or choose from a range of income options that best suit your financial needs and goals.

Fixed Indexed Annuities Offered by Securian Life Insurance Company:

Fixed Annuities 

Securian Life fixed deferred annuities offer guaranteed growth at a specified interest rate. These products are predictable and low risk, making them ideal for someone who wants a guaranteed rate of return. Most fixed annuities have a minimum interest rate.

Fixed Annuities Offered by Securian Life Insurance Company:

Variable Annuities

Securian Life variable deferred annuities allow you to invest your contributions in a variety of investment options. This means they have high growth potential but also a higher risk of loss because the investment is market-based. This works for someone who wants market participation.

You can choose from a range of income options when you’re ready to get paid for your investment.

Variable Annuities Offered by Securian Life Insurance Company:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

How soon are you retiring?

Step 3
Step 4

What is your goal for purchasing an annuity?

Select all that apply

Client Resources

For customer convenience, Securian Life has an online portal that enables annuity owners to assess their purchased annuities, access payment information and explore additional investment products. Securian also has a mobile app that allows customers to manage their annuities on the go. 

Pro Tip

Securian Life annuity policyholders can access their account information through the company’s online portal

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Last Modified: August 15, 2023
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