How Do I Choose My Annuity Provider?

Chris Magnussen, licensed insurance agent at, explains how to choose an annuity provider.

Choosing an annuity provider comes down to financial strength ratings, customer satisfaction scores and what kind of annuities the company offers. Determining which annuity company is right for you will depend on your priorities when purchasing the annuity.

Read more about’s Best Annuity Companies for 2024. We used a strict and fact-based methodology to determine which companies would qualify. To be considered, a company must:

  • Be licensed to sell annuities in all 50 states
  • Have an A- or better Financial Strength Rating
  • Have sold over $5 billion in direct premiums in 2023

Why Should I Buy an Annuity?

Purchasing an annuity is among the safest options for long-term financial planning. They are insurance products, so they experience less volatility with market fluctuations, although some annuity types have higher risks — and higher potential rewards — than others. With an annuity you can:

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Get premium protection

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Guarantee income for life

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Afford long-term care

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Fund your retirement

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