Key Takeaways

  • Pacific Life is one of the oldest annuity and life insurance providers in the United States, with 150 years of experience. 
  • Pacific Life offers a broad range of innovative annuity products under fixed, variable, fixed index, immediate and deferred annuities. 
  • The company was named multiple times as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” by the Ethisphere Institute, including in 2023.

About Pacific Life

Pacific Life Insurance Company is a U.S.-based Fortune 500 company that sells insurance and investments. It was founded in 1868 in Sacramento, California. 

The company sells multiple insurance products, including life insurance, structured settlements, annuities and other investments

With 150 years of experience, Pacific Life has a long history of successful, customer-centric service. It has been consistently praised by rating agencies and has garnered numerous awards, including recognition as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” by the Ethisphere Institute in 2023. 


If you have an existing policy with Pacific Life, you can contact them at the following number with any questions about your annuity:  1 (800) 722-4448

Source: Pacific Life 

Credit Ratings

Pacific Life prides itself on its 150 years of innovation, excellence and growth. It has 970,000 in-force members and paid out $15 billion in benefits in 2022. It also holds $199 billion in assets and is No. 266 out of 500 U.S. companies based on gross revenue. Pacific Life enjoys strong ratings from several rating agencies, as shown below.

Rater Rating
AM Best A+ (Superior)
Fitch AA- (Very Strong)
Moody’s Aa3 (Excellent)
S&P Global AAA (Very Strong)
Source: AM Best, Moody’s, Fitch and S&P Ratings

Pacific Life Annuity Products

Pacific Life offers many types of annuities to help clients meet financial goals, including fixed annuities, variable annuities, immediate annuities, fixed index annuities and deferred annuities. These annuities are tailored to help fulfill income protection and accumulation, wealth transfer and end-of-life goals. Which annuity investment is the right one for you depends on your current needs, preferences and long-term financial objectives. A financial advisor can assess your situation and recommend a particular product and strategy. 

Variable Annuities

Pacific Life variable annuities offer high tax-deferred growth potential, but they also carry the greatest risk because investment performance is market-based. Still, a variable annuity supplies reliable, lifetime monthly income for your envisioned retirement. It also gives financial protection to loved ones through a death benefit. 

Variable annuities offered by Pacific Life:

Indexed Annuities 

Indexed annuities, or fixed index annuities, from Pacific Life offer growth potential without the down-market risk. They protect your principal investment while looking for growth through the S&P 500 Index. You can also defer any taxes until you’re ready to take money out of the investment in return for a lifetime of reliable monthly income.  It also provides protection for loved ones through a death benefit. However, this product is not available in New York.

Fixed index annuities offered by Pacific Life:

Fixed Annuities 

Pacific Life’s fixed annuity products protect your principal amount while offering steady growth based on a fixed interest rate. A fixed annuity also grows tax-deferred until you take your earnings – meaning you can grow your earnings at an even faster rate.  

Fixed annuities offered by Pacific Life:

Immediate Annuities 

Pacific Life’s immediate annuity provides reliable income immediately or within a year of purchase – allowing you to tailor income to match your needs. This type of annuity can be used to supplement forms of guaranteed income, such as Social Security. 

Immediate annuities offered by Pacific Life:

Deferred Annuities 

The deferred income annuity from Pacific Life gives a steady stream of income that starts on a future date of your choosing. You can set the amount of your scheduled payment — and when it starts — based on your financial needs. Similar to other annuities, it has a death benefit for your chosen beneficiaries.

Deferred annuities offered by Pacific Life

Will You Be Able to Maintain Your Retirement Lifestyle?

Learn how annuities can:

  • Help protect your savings from market volatility
  • Guarantee income for life
  • Safeguard your family
  • Help you plan for long-term care

Speak with a licensed agent about top providers and how much you need to invest.

Client Resources

Pacific Life annuity owners can call a toll-free phone number for information about their investment or account at 800-722-4448. (New York clients and nonowners should call (800) 748-6907).

Existing annuity contract owners also have access to a client portal with convenient self-service options. There are two separate annuity client login pages — one for those who bought a contract through an annuity provider, and another for those who earned a pension through an employer. Choose the annuity client login rather than the pension plan annuity client login. 


If you have an annuity with Pacific Life, you can log into your account at Pacific Life’s Policyholder Login Portal

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Last Modified: July 6, 2023
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