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Obtain your free, no-obligation quote from today. Our experienced and reliable representatives can quickly get you the information you need to make an informed decision to sell your annuity payments.

People with structured settlements, annuity or lottery prizes have a unique resource at their fingertips. However, the timing of payments doesn’t always coincide with life’s financial demands. If you are looking for cash in the near future, find out how much your payments are worth by getting a quote.

When Would I Need a Structured Settlement or Annuity Quote?

If you own an annuity or structured settlement and face a major financial need such as paying for your home to be remodeled, affording your child’s tuition, having a baby, covering the cost of medical bills or taking care of debt, this resource can help you stay afloat.

With the help of an annuity buyer, like, you can sell your payments and get cash right away. Find out the value on this asset by getting a quote today.

Interested in Selling Your Payments?

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How Does this Work?

Getting a structured settlement quote is a bit like applying for a car loan. For a loan, you provide a bank or creditor with financial information and get an interest rate tailored to your situation along with a payment plan. For a structured settlement, provide us with your annuity information and we will turn around and get you a quote.

Within minutes you’ll know what to expect.

Just as you would choose how much you can afford for monthly car loan payments, you will choose the amount of annuity payments you want to sell. There is a certain amount of flexibility with every transaction, allowing sellers like you to get the best value and handle whatever financial crisis is coming your way.

We won’t look at your credit rating or require you to pay us back out of pocket. Instead, we will use the financial data found in your annuity contract along with current market rates to get you a competitive offer and advance you cash.

We can Give You a Quote

We are dedicated to getting you a quote within minutes. Along with fast service, we also promise to protect your information and respect your privacy.

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  • Use our structured settlement calculator.

Structured Settlement Calculator

How much are your payments worth?

Over time we have consistently provided sellers with a positive experience.

How do Buyers come up with Structured Settlement Quotes?

Buyers evaluate a group of ever-changing factors to give you a quote. This quote may factor in variables like:

  • How much money is in your annuity
  • When your annuity payments are due
  • The number of payments you want to sell
  • Current market rates
  • The rating of the company that issued your annuity
  • The cost of any transfer fees or charges
  • Your age
  • Your gender

If you decide to move forward with the offer, your future payments will be assigned to the buyer. The discounted amount you will receive accounts for the cost of the time the company spends waiting for payments, the company’s ability to provide capital and the effects of inflation.

Where Can I get the Best Quote?

Turn to the representatives at and get the best value for your annuity. With our help, you won’t have to panic when the next car, home or credit card payment is due.

For eight years, has built and maintained a reputation in the industry for reliability and commitment to excellent customer service. Our experienced team is always happy to answer your questions and walk you through your options.

Our low volume of customer complaints and quick response to the few we do receive is evident to the annuity and structured settlement industry, and has earned us a Better Business Bureau ranking of A+.

Quotes from are free and carry no obligation from you, and our customer service representatives are always quick to respond. We’re committed to remaining the best in the business; provide us with a legitimate written offer from a competitor and we will meet the price or beat it by $500.

What Does it Cost to Get an Annuity Quote?

Nothing. Our no-obligation quotes are completely free of charge.

Getting a quote for your annuity from our company is easy and, most importantly, free. We don’t ask for a commitment or deposit either. Our process only requires you to answer a few questions. The decision of what to do next is up to you.

Some questions we may ask you include:

  • Do you have an annuity, or a structured settlement?
  • What is the amount of your payments? How often are they issued?
  • What is the background on your annuity or structured settlement? How did you purchase or obtain your payments?
  • Do you have any paperwork related to your annuity or settlement?
  • Which payments do you want to sell?

We will keep your needs in mind and not ask you to sell more payments than necessary. Determining which payments you want to sell is something we can also help you with. It’s important to understand quotes for payments far in the future will be less than quotes on more recent payments. When making this decision, you must consider how eliminating a payment may impact your income; selling a near future payment may interrupt your normal income flow and household needs, and it’s hard to prediction how selling a far future payment will impact your needs at that time.

You don’t need to sell all of your payments. In fact, we advise you to leave some of them untouched as an anchor for your later retirement years. Only sell what you need to in order make your budget affordable in the near future.

Planning Your Financial Future

Before committing to an annuity transaction, examine your short and long-term financial goals.

You can prepare for selling your annuity by determining how much you need to handle the next major purchase or expense. This will make it easy to choose whether or not to pursue selling your annuity once you’ve received a quote.

It is prudent to gauge what you can expect from your 401(k), Social Security payments and other assets to make sure that you will be able to balance living expenses during retirement without all of your annuity payments. While your present needs are important, keep the future in mind also.

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