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Internet Resources

Annuities, structured settlements, long-term investing and retirement saving can be complex topics. So we put together a collection of Internet resources that can serve as an information base or financial literacy overview for your research and planning needs. These sites can help you understand:

  • Differences between the primary and secondary annuity markets
  • Information about how annuities are regulated
  • What insurance options are available for you and your family
  • Advice about retirement planning
  • The cost of annuity taxes
  • Increasing access to financial assistance
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Primary Market

Introduction to Annuities

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority offers a six-part series explaining the types of annuities and how your personal needs should inform your decision on buying an annuity.

Stan the Annuity Man

Stan the Annuity Man blogs about annuities and provides financial advice in regard to annuities.

Texas Department of Insurance: Annuities

The Texas Department of Insurance guides you through selecting your first annuity, explaining premiums and taxes for annuities.

Family Consultation

Secondary Market

Secondary Market Annuity Source

People looking to buy secondary market annuities can invest and learn about buying options here.

Insurance Q & A on Selling Annuities

Insurance professionals provide advice for finding an annuity buyer and the advantages of selling payments.

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Producers Web: Annuities

Are you an insurance or financial advising professional? This site can direct you through the latest trends in the insurance sales industry.

Life Happens

Discover how long-term care and disability insurance can be beneficial and affordable for you and your family.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

Find out whether or not a long-term care insurance policy would be good for you from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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Retirement Planning

American Association of Retired Individuals

This non-profit organization offers access to special discounts, job searching guidance, health care info, social security planning and other types of retirement planning tools.

Department of Labor Retirement Kit

This government-provided resource guides you through information on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and more.

Retirement Living Information Center

Find information on retirement communities, senior housing, and places to retire.

Insured Retirement Institute

The Insured Retirement Institute works on behalf of investors, and the insured retirement industry promoting research, education, and advocacy.

Ultimate Guide to Retirement

Annuity basics from types, tax benefits and fees to holding an annuity in your IRA. Reviews of fixed, variable, equity-indexed, immediate and longevity annuities.

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Paying for Retirement

Retirement Estimator

This site run by the Social Security Administration allows you to evaluate how much your future Social Security payments will be. Also provides links to other benefit calculators.

Retirement Tools and Calculators

Calculator for converting or rolling over IRAs. Also, find calculators for investments, savings and estimating future expenses.


Tax Information

Tax Law: Contingency Fees and Structured Settlements

Learn how contingency fees are paid for some cases resolved with structured settlement agreements.

IRS Annuity Publication

Helpful explanation of annuity contract transfer along with tips concerning lump sum distributions.

Tax Planning for Annuities

Advice regarding taxation for annuity distributions and withdrawals from Ameriprise Financial firm.


Regulatory Information

National Structured Settlements Trade Association

Information on structured settlement benefits, and updates on congressional and state legislation relating to the insurance industry.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Information on annuities and securities gathered and presented to protect investors.

What You Need to Know About Annuities and Financial Elder Abuse

Make sure that annuity sales professionals practice ethical marketing habits.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Learn about the standards and best practices of state insurance regulators.

FINRA Broker Check

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority can give you background information on an individual broker or firm you are considering doing business with.

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Financial Assistance

Federal Student Aid

For those with loan debt, this is helpful information on repaying your student loans from the U.S. Department of Education.

Government Benefits Resource

Easy-to-use site for learning about qualifying for government benefit and assistance programs.

Please seek the advice of a qualified professional before making financial decisions.
Last Modified: July 29, 2020