Financial Planning, Insurance and Retirement Resources

This collection of websites range from those offering products to informational resources run by education-based, non-profit organizations. You should find helpful tools like a Social Security calculator, an easy-to-understand annuity infographic, the latest trends in the insurance industry and ways that lawmakers are working to keep this industry safe for consumers.

Internet Resources

Annuities, structured settlements, long-term investing and retirement saving can be complex topics. So we put together a collection of Internet resources that can serve as an information base or financial literacy overview for your research and planning needs. These sites can help you understand:

  • Differences between the primary and secondary annuity markets
  • Information about how annuities are regulated
  • What insurance options are available for you and your family
  • Advice about retirement planning
  • The cost of annuity taxes
  • Increasing access to financial assistance

Primary Market

  • Introduction to Annuities

    In-depth explanation on the types of clients who buy annuities and the importance of annuities for society today from the American College of Financial Services.

  • Stan the Annuity Man

    Primary market blog with financial advice on what to avoid and what to expect from annuities.

  • Texas Department of Insurance: Annuities

    Introduction to picking out your first annuity, including information on paying premiums and taxes for annuities.

Secondary Market


  • Producers Web: Annuities

    Are you an insurance or financial advising professional? This site can direct you through the latest trends in the insurance sales industry.

  • Life Happens

    Discover how long-term care and disability insurance can be beneficial and affordable for you and your family.

  • 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

    Find out whether or not a long-term care insurance policy would be good for you from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Retirement Planning

  • American Association of Retired Individuals

    This non-profit organization offers access to special discounts, job searching guidance, health care info, social security planning and other types of retirement planning tools.

  • Department of Labor Retirement Kit

    This government-provided resource guides you through information on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and more.

  • Retirement Living Information Center

    Find information on retirement communities, senior housing, and places to retire.

  • Retire on Your Terms

    The National Retirement Planning Coalition offers educational tools for comprehensive retirement planning that meets your lifestyle needs.

  • Ultimate Guide to Retirement

    Annuity basics from types, tax benefits and fees to holding an annuity in your IRA. Reviews of fixed, variable, equity-indexed, immediate and longevity annuities.

Paying for Retirement

  • Retirement Estimator

    This site run by the Social Security Administration allows you to evaluate how much your future Social Security payments will be. Also provides links to other benefit calculators.

  • Retirement Tools and Calculators

    Calculator for converting or rolling over IRAs. Also, find calculators for investments, savings and estimating future expenses.

Tax Information

Regulatory Information

Financial Assistance

  • Federal Student Aid

    For those with loan debt, this is helpful information on repaying your student loans from the U.S. Department of Education.

  • Government Benefits Resource

    Easy-to-use site for learning about qualifying for government benefit and assistance programs.