Athene USA has unveiled its new AccuMax fixed indexed annuity, a savings product designed for long-term growth.

“It blends the spirit of opportunity with the security of guarantees in unique and powerful ways,” Grant Kvalheim, CEO and president of Athene USA, said in a press release.

Like all fixed indexed annuities, AccuMax is a contract issued by an insurance company — in this case, Athene Annuity and Life Company, a subsidiary of Athene. Referred to as a FIA, this type of annuity is a tax-deferred savings option that provides upside potential without the downside risk.

What Makes Athene AccuMax Unique?

AccuMax offers a wide range of features that are intended to optimize earnings while giving clients a greater peace of mind.

Athene AccuMax is designed for long-term savers seeking index-driven growth potential as an alternative to traditional fixed income alternatives,” Kvalheim said.

Index Options

AccuMax has custom index offerings, featuring the new AI Powered Multi-Asset Index (AiMAX) and Shiller Barclays CAPE® Allocator 6 Index (BXIISC6E). Clients can diversify their premium allocation, which further protects the funds from market volatility.


AccuMax’s multi-year and annual crediting terms provide growth potential. Clients can choose from seven crediting strategy options, and crediting rates on all strategies are guaranteed for the duration of the Withdrawal Charge Period.

Peace of mind

Clients can make free withdrawals up to 10 percent of the premium or the accumulated value each year. There are terminal illness and confinement waivers, and death benefits that leave a legacy for beneficiaries.

Safety of Bonds, Growth Potential of Stocks

FIAs are not stock market investments, and do not directly participate in any stock or equity investments. Instead, returns are based on the performance of an underlying index.

These products offer protection against losing your initial investment, or premium, and guarantee a minimum return. And they also provide you with the opportunity to earn additional interest based in part on the performance of the stock market index.

In other words, your money is safe from loss due to market downturns, and you have the chance to grow your money when the stock market is up.

FIAs can be a suitable alternative to certificates of deposit, or CDs, potentially with higher earnings.

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Last Modified: May 3, 2021

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