As a financial planner, Ricky is dedicated to shattering the stereotype that only the wealthy can access financial guidance. As Managing Director at the The Pelora Group, his practice is centered on empowering everyday Americans to manage their surplus effectively and shield what matters most from both visible and unforeseen risks. This, in turn, instills confidence and optimism in their financial futures through the delivery of paid ongoing advice and meticulous planning

Ricky’s distinctive approach to planning is deeply rooted in uncovering the intrinsic value of money for each client, fostering enduring partnerships. Specializing in serving individuals within the skilled trades and service industries—including plumbers, electricians, contractors, teachers, professors, realtors, federal and state employees, officers, nurses, home school families, HVAC technicians and manufacturers, among others—his practice employs education and personalized strategies to not only ensure the survival but the thriving of the middle class.

Beyond individual clients, Ricky’s practice collaborates with employers to enrich their benefits packages through voluntary offerings and financial wellness seminars. These initiatives incur minimal costs for employers yet promise lifelong benefits for their employees.

The overarching mission of Ricky’s practice is to empower 10,000 middle-class Americans to comprehend their finances, implement actionable plans and lead prosperous lives. He believes that everyone deserves access to a knowledgeable and ethical advisor, and it’s his privilege to make this a reality.

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