Jacob Wolinsky stands as a prominent figure in financial media circles, renowned for his founding and stewardship of ValueWalk, a premier platform dedicated to financial news. Originating as a personal endeavor, ValueWalk swiftly turned into a leading resource, captivating millions of monthly visitors until its successful sale in 2023. His tenure as an equity analyst fortified his expertise in stock evaluation and investment strategies, with a distinct focus on small-cap stocks.

From an early age, Jacob learned the invaluable lessons of frugality and financial acumen. With a wealth of 15 years in the industry, he emphasizes the significance of personal finance literacy and the imperative for individuals to grasp foundational principles before embarking on investment ventures.

Jacob is a prolific contributor to esteemed financial publications like Forbes, Kiplinger and Kitco, with his insights frequently referenced in various literary works and academic studies.

Presently, he channels his expertise into Hedge Fund Alpha, a subscription-based platform renowned for furnishing exclusive insights and comprehensive data on the hedge fund landscape. Notably, Hedge Fund Alpha boasts one of the world’s most extensive collections of hedge fund letters.

A graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Jacob harbors a keen interest in machine learning, actively pursuing advanced courses in data science with the aim of securing a Master’s degree in the field.

Residing in New Jersey with his wife and five children, Jacob’s hobbies include reading, jogging and volunteering.

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