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Whats Involved?

At Annuity.org, we encourage students to think about their financial future long before they graduate. Our essay topic is designed around a concept that’s easy to understand but difficult to execute: being responsible with your money today.

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Essay Topic

You just won a $10 million lottery jackpot! How will you spend it, and how will you make it last?

Tell us about your savvy investment strategy. Will you take your winnings in a lump sum, or will you select monthly (or yearly) annuity payments? Pick one of those payment plans, and discuss the advantages of your choice. Create a plan that incorporates taxes and investments so that you can meet your long-term needs. Show original, critical thinking for achieving immediate and future financial goals while considering today’s economic climate. As you relate your plan, bring awareness to the long-term value and potential of your new-found wealth.

How to Apply

Note: We are no longer accepting scholarship applications. More information on future contests to come.

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    High school seniors and college students in any major are eligible.
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    Write an Essay
    In clear and convincing language, tell us how to be a savvy investor.
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    Submit via Email
    Send your contact information and essay to scholarship@annuity.org.

Rules & Regulations

To be eligible to receive the Annuity.org Scholarship, a student must fulfill the following basic guidelines:

Basic Guidelines

  • Provide contact information with submission
  • Any high school senior, undergraduate and graduate students
  • Be enrolled in a U.S. college
  • 700-1,400 words
  • Include a works-cited page with at least three (3) sources
  • Submit via email attachment as a .doc or .pdf file format.

Submission Guidelines

From the complete list of entries, Annuity.org will select first- and second-place winners. We will notify the winners and request a photograph of the winner and an official copy of their college transcripts. Once transcripts are received and verified, Annuity.org will send a one-time payment of the specified amount to the schools in which the winners are enrolled. Upon winning, a winner’s photo and essay may be published. By submitting your essay and contact information to Annuity.org, applicants agree to our privacy policy and disclaimer.

Contact Information Required

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • School
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The Selection Process

Essays will be judged in five categories:

  1. Grammar and Style
  2. Original Ideas
  3. Well-Researched and Plausible Investment Advice
  4. Organized and Persuasive Writing
  5. Foundational Knowledge of Finance

We are not currently accepting scholarship applications. More information on future contests to come.