Kristin Compton is a professional writer whose work has been featured in various publications, including, a division of Insurance Media Services. Kristin earned a bachelor’s degree in legal studies from the University of West Florida and completed graduate courses in public administration. Her background in legal studies includes working for a legal firm specializing in health law.

A former paralegal, Kristin initially had aspirations of attending law school. She instead started a family and branched into other career paths, including writing and marketing. Kristin worked as a reporter for the Gulf Breeze News in the Florida Panhandle and edited Splash! Magazine.

As a journalist, Kristin covered municipal meetings, including budget workshops and special meetings. She examined complex issues relating to local-government finances and investments, taxation and legal disputes. Her beats included covering community events and various public-interest stories. More recently, Kristin has covered a range of health issues for, an Orlando-based consumer awareness and patient advocacy website.

Kristin has covered lawsuits related to dangerous drugs and faulty medical devices. She has also authored comprehensive guides on topics including student health, women and pregnancy. Her articles about financial planning have focused on annuities. Kristin has drilled down on pieces explaining the intricacies of these financial tools. She is an exhaustive researcher who uses precise language to break down complicated topics for the average consumer.

In a recent article for, Kristin explained that “annuities can be complex, nuanced and confusing.” Then Kristin used detailed examples and well-researched information to provide an informative explanation of annuities from a consumer’s point of view.